• Hummingbird
  • Albatross (under development)

As an acoustic guitarist, I have often wondered whether it would be possible to design a comfortable on-stage guitar that has a great amplified sound and is feedback resistant in a live setting. The search of a solution to these requirements has led to the development of two thinline acoustic models, namely the Hummingbird and the Albatross.

The Hummingbird model has solid African Mahogany back and sides with a Spruce top, custom acoustic bridge and V-style bracing. The body is 50mm thick and has an added comfort-carve on the back. The neck has a comfortable feel with an angled 6 a side headstock, but the most striking feature of the Hummingbird is the offset soundhole, which dramatically increases the resonant surface of the Spruce top. Under the guidance Marc Maingard, a legendary luthier in his own right, the top bracing was tuned to produce a full-bodied acoustic tone when amplified. The first model became my personal research platform, as I experimented with a variety of pickup configurations, including magnetic and piezo acoustic pickups, as well as single-coil and P90 electric pickups! I eventually settled on a traditional Fishman piezo pickup system, although there seems to be no end to the quest for the ultimate amplified acoustic tone!

The Albatross model, although is still under development calls for a traditional soundhole design, along with solid African Mahogany back and sides, braced Spruce top and custom acoustic bridge. The back will be arched to increase the internal volume of the guitar without compromising comfort, and the top will be inlayed into the sides, allowing for a radiused front edge to further increase ergonomics. The 25.5” scale neck will have a larger headstock to complement the cutaway body and either Fishman or LR Baggs electronics for amplification. Be sure to follow the TJS social media pages for the latest updates!


Albatross (under development)