I believe I’m the owner of the first TJS Raptor, the one all the more recent Raptors are closely based on, construction wise. If these guitars came with serial numbers, mine would be ..00001 (pretty cool).

In short, I love this guitar!  I mean, it plays great & all that (more of that later) but I must confess that what knocks me out completely are the looks.

It is just a gorgeous looking thing, entirely made out of several very attractive solid woods (yes – even the scratch plate and the Raptor inlay on the fingerboard..) and very well put together. In fact, the craftmanship is something else.

 Strummed “dry” (not plugged in), my Raptor is fairly loud and rings quite nicely, with each note coming across as well defined and balanced.

The rather chubby neck (that’s just the way I like it – Trevor will happily make just about any neck profile the customer prefers) and the walnut finger-board are a joy to play. Bending full notes is pretty much effortless and even 3 semitone bends seem easier than with most other guitars I’ve played.
Once you plug in, the 2 Alnico ll humbuckers produce a rich and mellow sound in the neck position. When you switch the 3 way selector to the middle position you get a clear, bell like tone (you could probably out-jangle the Byrds), while flicking to the bridge humbucker takes you straight into Chuck Berry / Johnny B. Goode territory. Add some overdrive and then some more again, until you get to full-out distortion levels and you’ll see this Raptor can take just about anything you throw at it and serve it back with interest accrued.

Unfortunately for my bank account I think I’ll be visiting Trevor again. Soon. There are a couple of his new creations I saw in passing, last time I was there. I definitely need to check out more thoroughly…

Carlo Malotti