TJS folding guitar stand

Introducing the latest TJS Custom creation, the Folding Guitar Stand!

Crafted from selected high quality hardwoods, the TJS folding guitar stand was designed to be sturdy, easy to transport, and aesthetically beautiful, to support your favourite acoustic or electric guitar. The natural beauty of the wood perfectly compliments your prized possession, whether an acoustic guitar, electric guitar or even bass guitar, while providing a rock-solid support for stress-free use. The stand has folding legs, reducing the size to little more than a microphone stand, which easily fits in the car for transport to a gig. To finish off the premium look, a TJS logo is inlayed on the front, while felt pads prevent any damage to the finish of your instrument. Invest in a custom TJS folding guitar stand and have peace of mind that it will always keep your instrument safe, while looking good doing it!

TJS Genuine leather guitar strap

Take the next step in playing comfort and branded style with a hand-made, genuine leather guitar strap. Available in a variety of leather colours and lined with soft suede, the TJS guitar strap is fully adjustable to suit any playing style. Designed extra wide for ultimate comfort, it reduces playing fatigue to keep you playing effortlessly for hours. Upgrade your playing experience with a custom TJS guitar strap and never look back!


The Cajon or “Box Drum” has gained much popularity in modern music in recent years as a percussion instrument as it fits in perfectly in a small band setting. It provides a variety of sounds from a deep bass drum, to a higher pitched snare drum-like sound due to the built-in snare, without being too loud. Cajon’s are particularly suited to small acoustic-driven groups as they blend well without overpowering the music.

I have built a variety of Cajons from varying woods. All snares are adjustable to fine-tune your sound.